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New Patients

Welcome to Lawler Family Dentistry! We are excited to care for you, every smile of the way! Our main office is located in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin with a new location in Hayward, Wisconsin. If you are interested in becoming a new patient at either location, feel free to fill out the CONTACT submission form or call our office today!

Why choose LFD? We believe that our family dental practice is unique because our main focus is investing in and bettering our community. Every patient is important to us and every patient is a neighbor to us. Lawler Family Dentistry has heavily invested into our dental office in regards to the latest equipment, technologies, and continuing education courses to ensure that our patients receive the best quality dentistry available at an affordable price. Doctor Ethan specializes in implant placements, and 3D printing. Doctor Laura is eager to provide her advanced knowledge for tooth extractions and offer CBCT based endodontic procedures at our Hayward location! At Lawler Family Dentistry, we are striving to bring the best dental care to you in our own home-towns.

Advantage Plan

At Lawler Family Dentistry, we want to make getting the dental care you need easier so we can provide you with a lifetime of excellent oral health. We are continuing to offer our Advantage Plans, a smart way for individuals and families to achieve significant savings on dental care. If you have no dental insurance, dental discounts or other dental benefit plans, then the Advantage Plans are for you. This advantage plan is not dental insurance, it is simply a way to save on dental treatments!

What is our Advantage Plan? At Lawler Family Dentistry we are offering an in-house, fee-for-service plan designed to provide you with affordable, quality dental care. For a period of 12 months you will be able to receive 100% savings on preventative exams, X-rays, routine cleanings, and more. You will also receive a 10% discount on fillings, crowns, root canal treatments, and all other general dentistry procedures. All of these discounts for the price of $430 for an individual adult, $815 for a couple, and $345 per child 15 and under. Our family plan is for two adults and one child under 15 years old for $1140 with the ability to add more children at $325 per child!

Our Dental Warranty Offers
Your teeth are important investments! We understand that the price of dental care and procedures can become costly. With our dental warranty offer, you can now purchase a 6 year warranty on various procedures for 15% of the procedure amount.

I need the full explanation-

This helps out when a new puppy finds your night guard, or your denture is dropped in the sink and breaks. In either of these cases, your warranty would apply and cover the amount initially paid to your replacement!


We utilize and will send claims on your behalf to all dental insurances! Lawler Family Dentistry is no longer an in-network dentist with a select number of dental benefits providers. Lawler Family Dentistry wishes that we could continue to participate in all benefit plans. However, we have found that to provide our patients with the highest level of care, the doctor is uncomfortable with an insurance company influencing the kind of care and the quality of care that he provides to his patients.

What does it mean to be an out-of-network provider? As an out-of-network provider, we are able to utilize your insurance benefits and bill your insurance for you without the insurance company denying the use of quality materials and dictating your treatment. We are now able to provide patients with higher quality materials, improved dental technologies, and personalized treatment plans. At the time of your appointment, you will be asked to cover the full fee of your services. Our front office Insurance Specialist will take care of sending the claim on your behalf. Normally, when seeing an out-of-network provider there is a slight increased cost, if this is a concern, please feel free to ask our front office staff more questions. Lawler Family Dentistry has patients that come to see us utilizing their out-of-network insurance benefits due to the personal care and attention they receive while being a part of a family dental practice. At Lawler Family Dentistry, we will always strive to do what is best for our patients. We believe it is important to have the ability to personalize treatments and use the best quality of materials.

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