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A Letter From Doctor Ethan
Not Participating in Select Insurances

The past four years have been a wonderful, difficult, and humbling experience as I took on the role as sole owner of Lawler Family Dentistry. Firstly, I’d like to thank you and your loved ones for accepting my family into our community. This community has a unique niche that we all adore and enjoy being a part of, that is what makes it so special. I have been greatly pleased to provide to you and will continue to provide the same care in the years to come.

As I always say, we are one community and must take care of each other and face difficult situations together. We greatly appreciated all of our patients' understanding and genuinity during the COVID-19 pandemic and as I managed personal conflicts regarding the health of my family members, the passing of my grandfather, and diagnosis of my wife’s chronic illness. I am very appreciative of living in a rural community and seeing the impact first hand of what it means to take care of your community members. The support I have received has been outstanding.

I deeply care for my community, and that’s the reason why I made the decision to terminate my status as a participating dentist with select insurances. As an out-of-network provider, we are able to utilize your insurance benefits and bill your insurance for you without the insurance company denying the use of quality materials and dictating your treatment. We are now able to provide patients with higher quality materials, improved dental technologies, and personalized treatment plans. This choice has been in my thoughts since the first day I was unable to provide the best dental care option to my patients due to their insurance dictating what materials I could use in order to provide coverage. I hope as a patient, you see this as an opportunity to receive the dental care you deserve, not just the dental care your insurance is willing to cover.

Just like before, here at Lawler Family Dentistry we always strive to provide exceptional patient care and to be understanding of every patient's individual situation. We offer several different payment options including assistance with applying for Care Credit. Our office is here to help every step of the way and will assist you in determining what payment plans work best for you.